Monday, February 9, 2009

Amherst College Student Stabbed Multiple Times

Amherst College Student Stabbed Multiple Times
Date: February 8, 2009

Amherst, MAUnited States of America

Students have told the media that a fight broke out during the party, and that usually the parties are not violent at all. As a student from a nearby college, I agree that there is not much violence on the local campuses, however many of the local colleges, including Amherst have open parties that are often dangerously over-crowded.

Amherst is well known as a highly regarded academic institution, but in the area Amherst is also known as a great destination for parties. Unlike some of the neighboring schools, Amherst does not have much security at their parties, meaning anyone can walk in and join in on the fun.

Because of their reputation for throwing great parties, Amherst seemed like a great place to go on a Saturday night. I have gone to two parties at the dorms at Amherst, and both were terrible disasters. While no one was nearly killed while I was there, I will definitely never go to a party there again.

The first time I went to a party at Amherst, it was the middle of winter and I went with one friend. We were able to simply walk into the dorms and join the party. The rooms were incredibly dark and so crowded that it was almost impossible to walk through them. During the middle of the party, the fire alarm went off and we all had to stand outside in the freezing cold. After a few minutes, my friend and I just gave up and went home. If the party on Saturday was as crowded as the party I attended, it seems very plausible that someone could get stabbed and people would not even notice.

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