Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Penn College Student Attacked and Robbed

A Penn College student was attacked and robbed Tuesday morning in a campus parking lot.
According to college officials, the attacker, identified as David Smith of the Williamsport area, went after the victim with what may have been a taser gun, then stole his pick-up truck.
College officials said Smith drove a few miles to a second parking lot and took off in another vehicle.
The student was taken to the hospital and released after treatment. Police continue to look for Smith.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rapist Strikes Again Near Georgetown University


Georgetown Students Speak Out After Attack on Campus
Georgetown Student Assaulted on Campus

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Police say a man who has been raping and sexually assaulting women near Georgetown University has struck again, and those living in the area are on alert.
Investigators say the suspect has struck at least four times this year, assaulting women in their own homes. News of an attack over the weekend at a home on R Street has many Georgetown students on edge.
If you ask Georgetown students about a man sexually assaulting women in the neighborhood, they know exactly who you're talking about. The university alerted its students to an assault last Friday in the 3700 block of R Street.
During the overnight hours, police say a man walked into a woman's bedroom and put his arm around her, then left the apartment a moment later.
But police say in some cases, the man isn't just cuddling. Back in June on the 2400 block of Tunlaw Street, police reports show a woman woke up to a man kissing her on the neck and trying to rape her. When she asked what he was doing, the suspect took off.
Police say the mode of operation has been similar in each case.
"A lot of times, he's been able to get in through an unlocked door or an unlocked window," said Lt. Pamela Burkett-Jones of the D.C. Police Department. "We've asked citizens to make sure their doors are locked."
Kirsten Oftedahl and her roommate, Kimberly, live on Tunlaw Street where the attack in June took place.
"A little nerve-racking and scared about walking around alone at night, especially coming home by myself," said Oftedahl.
The two Georgetown students even stepped up security in their home, adding a lock to their front door and blinds to their back door so no one can see in.
"We don't want them to know when we're here and when we're not," said Oftedahl.
Police say the suspect has attacked women between 3 and 4 a.m. in the area, and he's hit twice on R Street. Kit Niesen told FOX 5 her friend endured a similar attack in her home last spring.
"She's really freaked out," said Niesen. "She has a lock on her door, and she's trying to keep her roommates aware even on nights when they're going out."
Police are asking students to keep their doors and windows locked at night, and to take the campus shuttle service or safe ride escorts. If you see anything suspicious in the area, you're asked to call police.