Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spike in crime hits campus

Yale Summer Students worried by five recent robberies

A recent spate of crimes targeting Yale students has prompted YPD officials to release e-mails warning students of what they said is an "ongoing threat."
The same day that undergraduate dorms closed, a graduate student was the victim of an attempted armed robbery near the intersection of Mansfield and Sachem Streets. Four other robberies were committed recently - one on Cedar Street and two in the Dwight-Kensington neighborhood on May 31, as well as one on the walkway between Morse and Stiles Colleges on June 3. At least three of those incidents were armed robberies.
While the YPD generally does not inform students of every incident that occurs around campus through e-mail, YPD Sergeant Steven Woznyk said in this case students should be informed of the incidents as the latest rash of crime seems to indicate the possibility of a continued threat.
Woznyk said the rise in crimes affecting Yale students has kept pace with a general increase in violent crime across New Haven. During the weekend of June 2-3, six shootings and one homicide occurred in the city, he said, suggesting that Yale students are not being singled out for robberies.
Most crime in summer of 2006 was perpetrated by youths on bikes armed with pellet guns and knives, but Woznyk said "boys on bikes" have had nothing to do with the recent Yale robberies. One graduate student was mugged in late June of last year and two more students were targeted in late August.
And while YPD Chief James Perrotti's e-mails attributed increased student vulnerability to warmer weather and longer periods of daylight, Woznyk said he could not offer an explanation as to why crimes rates have increased this summer.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Police: College Student Attacked By Boyfriend's Ex

Terina Garcia
HIALEAH, Fla. -- A Miami-Dade College student was caught in the middle of a violent love triangle Thursday night when her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend attacked her, police said.
According to Hialeah police, Terina Garcia abducted the student from the Hialeah campus and stabbed her repeatedly. As the student tried to escape, she was run down by Garcia's car, police said.
Garcia, 20, was later arrested and charged with three counts of premeditated attempted murder/aggravated battery and one count of kidnapping with a weapon.
The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, where she was listed in critical condition. Her name has not been released.
Garcia was being held at a Miami-Dade County jail without bond