Friday, March 28, 2008

Trinity College Student Assaulted, Police Say -- Health, Hartfo...
A Trinity College student was reportedly sexually assaulted early Friday morning on Vernon Street, according to the college

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beaten UMBC student speaks

Beaten UMBC student speaksPosted by Jeff Quinton on March 27, 2008
he college student attacked during a fight in a Fells Point bar tells her side of the story, hours after she’s released from the hospital.
Earica Flood doesn’t understand why she was attacked and why no one called an ambulance. Her father wants quick action after a fight that left his daughter with serious injuries.
It was somewhere around midnight when Earica Flood and some friends took the dance floor at Cheerleaders on Broadway.
Gigi Barnett reports an incidental brush with another woman escalated into mayhem.
“When a girl said that I bumped into her, I turned around and said, `I’m sorry, excuse me.’” That’s when everything started. She started throwing up signs; they were from the west side,” Flood said.
After almost a week in the hospital, Earica is back home with her parents. She’s recovering from a concussion, broken nose and lacerated liver. The injuries were inflicted by five or six women whose kicks and stomps were partially caught on security cameras.
“My friends said I lost my balance. I slipped and fell. People were kicking me in my side, in my face, pulling my hair out,” Flood said.
Club management says Flood refused medical treatment but she tells Eyewitness News that’s not the case at all.
“I wasn’t really offered anything other than ice and paper towels,” she said.
Earica’s father is glad to have her home but that doesn’t ease his anger.
“I’m still angry. I’m anticipating someone getting caught for this. It can’t happen fast enough,” Earl Flood said.
Doctors are telling Earica to take a month off to fully recover before going back to school, but she’s learned a costly lesson.
“Things do happen even if you don’t provoke anyone. Things can happen. It really is as serious as people say it is out there,” she said.
So far, police have not made an arrest in this case.
Earica must wait a while before learning from her doctors whether she’ll need plastic surgery.
Video of the interview with flood is at the WJZ link above