Friday, March 20, 2009

Woman Uses Shoe To Fight Off Attacker,82213

A college student used her head, and her shoes, to get away from an attacker overnight. The USD student was walking on campus early Friday morning when a strange man attacked her. But thanks to her high heels, she was able to get away. Vermillion Police are calling the attack an attempted sexual assault. It happened right outside Renee Rodgers' apartment complex.

"It was weird because last night I was around here and we saw police officers and so we didn't know what was going on, but heard this morning that there was an assault," Rodgers said. Police say the suspect threw the female student to the ground and kicked her. But the victim was walking barefoot, carrying her high heels, which she used as a weapon. "She fought back, struck the suspect in the face with the heel of the shoe.

We are optimistic that she hit him hard enough to leave some sort of a wound. Our assumption is her adrenaline was probably strong enough she may have done some damage," Vermillion Chief of Police Art Mabry said.

The area where it happened is well lit, but police say when you're walking alone, lights aren't enough to ward off an attackers. "Probably not the best thing to do 12:30 in the morning. We encourage whether they are male or female to stay in groups. There is safety in numbers," Mabry said.

Other students are relieved to hear the woman was able to get away. "Go heels," Gina Serck said.The suspect is described as a white man, 18-22 years old, 5' 10" with short dark hair gelled to one side. He was wearing a white shirt and black vest. If you have any information, call Vermillion police at (605) 677-7070.

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